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“In the absence of divine providence, the only free and competent arbiter of truth is the human reason, in the human mind.” - Kant, Critique of Pure Reason, B4. Ours is a consumer age. If I buy a product, I expect it to do what it says it will do. If it does what it says, and does it well, it’s good. If it doesn’t do what it says, it’s bad. That’s how we tell what’s good and bad. And we call it a product. We’re born into a consumer society. We live in a consumer society. We think of ourselves as consumers. We buy things we want. We seek out the things we want. We buy clothes we like. We buy food we like. We buy cars we like. We buy houses we like. We’re consumers. But if we are consumers, why do we call ourselves human? Why do we call ourselves animals? Is it that our experiences are all just different kinds of food, different kinds of clothing? But if that’s true, then how can we tell good clothes from bad clothes? If the color’s all the same to us, if it all tastes the same to us, then what are we talking about? How do we separate out the good clothes from the bad clothes? If we’re all just parts of a big group, why are we talking about good and bad? Why are we talking about right and wrong? If it’s just a word that we use to mean what we want, then why do we use words at all? And if we’re just animals, why do we even care about our own species? Why do we care about other humans? Why do we care about other species? Why do we care about the environment? And if we’re just animals, if the food we eat is just something we eat, if the cars we drive are just something we drive, if the houses we live in are just something we live in, then why are we called human? That’s a question that’s been asked and answered a thousand times in the history of philosophy.





Telugu Akka Thammudu Sex Storiestrmdsf [Updated]

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